6/7/22:  We are shocked and sadened to  announce that Lori Neiderman has passed and has no family in this area.  No details are available at this time.  She will be missed.​  RIP


Please let me know if you hear about anyone - good or bad - who does not mind our posting their news.

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Member Updates

Passed 2-1-22


​We will consider that you are in the hazard if your ball is touching the fence as you could reasonably assume that without the fence you would be in the water or on the concrete ledge. If the ball is not touching the fence, you are not in the hazard (even if within the red line) and will play the ball without penalty. If the fence interferes with your swing or stance, you get relief of one club length (any club in the bag including the driver) from where your ball lies, no closer to the hole without penalty.

Effective Dec. 1, 2018 

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   February 24, 2018

 This subject has come up a number of times, I will try to clarify the Rules from   the USGA Book.  I'm only going to address the Bunkers only. The goal is to   understand the difference between abnormal ground conditions and unplayable   lies in the bunker.

 Rule 25:  ABNORMAL GROUND CONDITIONS;   25-1 (ii) a / b :

 In the Bunker:  If your ball is in the bunker with abnormal ground conditions (ie.   water erosion area, mud,)  the player must lift and drop it to the nearest point of   relief either:

 (a) Without penalty,   the nearest point of relief must be in the bunker, or if   complete relief is impossible as near as possible to the spot, you must
 drop where you can get the maximum relief available within the bunker. 

 (b) Under penalty of one stroke,  outside the bunker, keeping the point where   the ball lay directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped,
 with no limit how far behind the bunker the ball can be dropped.

  Breach of rule:   Match play - loss of hole   -   Stroke play - two strokes


 If the player deems her ball to be unplayable, she must under penalty of one   stroke.

 a. Proceed under stroke and distance by playing a ball as nearly as possible at   the spot from which the original ball was last played.

 b.  Drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping that point directly   between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped in the bunker.

 c.  Drop a ball within two club lengths of the spot where the ball lay, but not   nearer the hole ( in the bunker).

  Breach of rule:   Match play - loss of hole  -  Stroke play - two strokes
 We have established a local rule that if the bunker is entirely unplayable, you   may remove your ball from the bunker and drop it (or place it, if playing lift,   clean and place) outside the bunker no closer to the target. 



Greetings Menifee Lakes Women's Club,

Below you will find a few reminders of rules and exceptions, either by club vote or as an accommodation related to play during Covid-19 restrictions for our regular Golf outings:

1.  Concrete drains-  Relief is granted from all concrete drains though out the course.  One club length, no closer to the hole.  PLEASE NOTE:  16 Palms drainage area is not a concrete drain and is a penalty area as defined in the rules of golf.

2.  Sand traps/bunkers:  The club has declared all bunkers to be ground under repair, allowing players to take relief outside of the bunker under rule 16.1.  This would be one club length, no closer to the hole, outside of the bunker.  HOWEVER, a player can choose to hit out of the bunker with a preferred lie if the ball rests in a foot print or unraked area in the bunker.  A preferred lie is within one club length from the previous position that the ball came to rest.  This does not apply to balls resting outside of the bunker, close to the edge.  (Only use the 6 inches applies outside of the trap.)

​3.  Effective August 1, 2019:  Lift, Clean and Place Rule:  You may move the ball no more than 6 inches in like conditions.  If the ball is in the rough, it stays in the rough and cannot be moved into the fairway.


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                Proposed By-Law Change 10-29-19


  Standing Rule #8

 Current: Members of MLWGA may bring a guest on Tuesday Ladies Days. The guest may not participate in sweeps. When the game of the day does not allow guest participation, the member and her guest will be allowed to follow the field. The Weekly Tournament Chairperson must be notified prior to any guest participation.

 Proposed:  Members of MLWGA may bring a guest on Tuesday Ladies Day. The guest may not participate in sweeps. When the game of the day does not allow guest participation
(i.e. a team game or mixer), the member and her guest will be allowed to follow the field. The Vice President/Weekly Tournament Chairperson must be notified prior to any guest participation. An individual may only play as a guest three times in one year. The three times excludes the MLWGA Invitational


​Passed 12-3-19

​​​   Change in Standing Rule approved and effective as of Aug 7, 2018





Section 1.  MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBITY:  There shall be four classes of membership.

B.  Snowbirds – Less than 6 month temporary area resident.  All applicants shall be temporary area residents for no more than six months per year.  They are not eligible to serve in a board position but have all privileges of the general membership during the six months. They must maintain a SCGA membership.

C.  Associate Membership

D.  Honorary Membership

  In today's meeting a question was asked about a putting rule.

  If a ball is in motion on the putting green and it might be influence by    another ball, can you run in and move that ball be moved?
 Rule 16-1b :
  When another ball is in motion, a ball that might influence the         movement of the ball in motion must not be lifted.  

                 ​Local Rule for MLWC Tuesday Play Day

  Effective August 1st, 2019, the following will be used for the Lift,     Clean and Place Rule:

  You may move the ball no more than six (6) inches in like         conditions.  If the ball is in the rough it stays in the rough, cannot     be moved from rough to fairway.

  The Weekly Tournament Chairs and Major Tournament Chairs   will  determine the rules of play and notify players that day if Lift,   Clean and Place does not apply.

July Birthdays:


      5th    Nancy Astamendi

     10th  Kimberly Zink

     15th  Eileen Wilson  (A)

     23rd  Sarah Case

     25th   Donna Burt


​​Rules of handicapping January 2020 Rule 3

​ 3.1b:  For a player with an established Handicap index; the maximum score for each hole is limited to NET DOUBLE BOGEY:  ( Par+2+ strokes received on that hole).

3.2:  When a hole is NOT played, the score may only be used for handicap purposes; played 7 holes, scale up to 9 holes by adding Net Par to holes not played.  Played minimum of 14 holes, scale up to 18 by adding Net Par to holes not played.

3.3:  When a hole is started by Player does not hole out:  When a player does not hole out for a valid reason, the player must record their most likely score OR Net Double Bogey, whichever is LOWER.